Sunday, August 29, 2010

Did Someone Say Dinosaur

I did a weird thing this weekend. I was feeling a little bored with my usual rides so I decided to take my Fuji road bike on a club ride. Saturday morning I got up early, put my bike on a car rack and drove 1/2 hr to the ride start. I was not sure how I would fair on a 40 mile ride on a bike that weighs 35#. Of course everyone was dressed in their spandex attire and all had nice light weight road bikes. I was in my usual casual outfit with sneakers instead of sandals. Fortunately I made sure to find a ride within my riding capabilities. I must say I did well and had fun. In fact, I enjoyed myself so much, I decided to do it again on Sunday. This time the ride started 1 mile from my house which made me much happier as I could ride to the start. The ride was 50 miles. I was concerned about the distance, whether my tush could handle it, and if my developed bent legs could adjust. As it turned out, I did it and did it well in spite of the flat I got with a 2 inch screw. The gang was great and we had some good laughs. It was a fun weekend and I made some new cycling friends.

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