Monday, September 27, 2010

Sorry For The Delay

I just got back from vacation touring West Virginia and Kentucky. The only cycling I did was with my Dahon folder around a couple of State Parks. It's perfect to carry in our motor home. One major high of this trip was white water rafting down the Gauley River in WV. It is one of the most popular advanced white water runs in the Eastern United States with it's class 111-v rapids. One of the most exciting things we have ever done. When the guide tells you which side to swim to if you fall out of the raft you begin to question your sanity as to why your doing this. There were a few instances where we almost went overboard. The rest of our trip consisted of scenic railways, coal mine tours, hiking to beautiful natural arches and water falls. 14 days of exploring beautiful countrysides with great vistas, meeting with locals and enjoying their cuisine. One of our most memorable trips.

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