Wednesday, September 29, 2010

2 Part Harmony

After returning home from vacation the weather turned nasty. Unable to ride I decided to do some needed work on my trike. Finally the weather broke and I was able to get in a 32 miler. It was a Marty Day, temps 70's and winds under 5 mph. It was easily a 50 plus day but I had many chores to due and had to scale back the ride. I had been contemplating doing a club ride on my Fuji but I missed my trike and wanted to test my repairs. Here is were I must confess. For the past month prior to vacation I had been getting bored riding alone. I started doing club rides on my Fuji DF and enjoying it. Riding a trike on club rides is too slow and strange to the other riders, so I just wind up riding by myself. I am still an oddity as my Fuji is set up as a tourer with fenders, rack and mustache type handle bars. Not to mention it's 35#. I still wear shorts and sneakers or sandals. I obviously do not fit in with the sub 20# carbon fiber bikes and spandex. I ride with a slower group so I can keep up. What I found is I have become quite a strong rider. If I opted for a light weight road bike I bet I would be one of those smoking A rider Rodie's. The point I am trying to make is I enjoy the company and the pain of riding a wedge is diminishing. In fact I like that bike as I ride it more. Don't get me wrong I am not converting back. I still love recumbents and will always use them as my main ride, but I am finding all bikes have their place. Just like my Dahon folder worked when traveling, so does the Fuji when I want company on a club ride. I am looking into a inexpensive MT bike for winter trails. As I learned in life variety is the spice.


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