Friday, May 13, 2011

Rocket Chair

I purchased this new old Rocket back in December.  Although my trike is my favorite ride, I have been enjoying the Rocket.  The Rans seat is not as I remembered, so I decided to try the Euromesh seat.  In addition I found the Chainsaw 62 tooth big ring was too high and the 42 tooth little ring not low enough.  I purchased the Euromesh seat with 2 inch foam and seat cover, 38 t chainring and bolts for double chainring from Mark of Poweroncyling.  The seat took about an hour to drill new holes and mount.  The middle 52 t chainring went to the outside and the new 38 t went to the middle, making it a double instead of the triple it was.  I adjusted the front derailer and reduced the chain without a hitch.  I must say it does look and feel more sleek.  Not wanting to purchase another seat bag I decided I could easily mount my Arkel Tailrider.
Today I was able to get in a 22 mile test ride and all works great.

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