Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Streamer Fairing Revisited

I purchased the Streamer fairing in October of 2008 and am now into my 4th season.  I bought the fairing to help with my cold feet during winter weather.  I also hoped it would offer some additional weather protection and help cut through the wind.  Having had a fairing on my Mongoose utility DF bike and my Rans Stratus, I new it would not add any speed to my ride.  According to studies done, fairings will increase speed over 15mph.  I am a slow rider so this benefit was only possible on descents.  It does offer some protection in the rain but a good bump will shoot the droplets onto my face.  On my trike I do get some protection for my cold feet, but not being fully enclosed, it still is quite cold.  It does help with head winds.  It is not that I am faster but it seems to make pushing into the wind less strenuous.  I decided to keep the fairing on when I went on Bikefl this year as I thought it might be windy.  It was not terribly windy, but quite rainy.  The fairing kept my lower half dry which was a nice plus.  When I returned home in late March I removed the fairing.  It is much easier to get on and off the trike without it.  It is also easier to transport.  I keep mileage logs with average speed on my rides.  I noticed this year that with the fairing my average speed increased by 1/2 mph consistently.  This is not earth shattering, but when you are a slow rider, this becomes a significant increase.  I have had the fairing on for the past 1 1/2 months.  The weather has been surprisingly warm, but we have had many gusty days.  The fairing has proved to be a nice asset.  It also adds quite a lot of "Bling" and I get more "Cool Bike" remarks.  Although  I much prefer warmer weather, the trike and fairing help me get through the winter months with it's stability and protection. 

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