Friday, November 4, 2011

Thank God For Patch Kits

3 miles from home today I got a flat.  Not a big issue as it was the front right tire.  Fortunately, on a trike you don't have to remove the wheel to repair the tire.  Being so close to home I was hoping to add air and make it back.  I was not that lucky.  I reached into my bag for my spare tube and tools only to realize I had no tube.  Panic set in as I realized I had to patch the tube.  I was on the side of a busy road which did not help.  I pulled the tube out placed it on the tire hoping to easily find the hole.  No such luck.  I looked listened and felt to no avail.  Fortunately, a few feet away, was a large puddle of water.  Placing the tube in the puddle I found the pin hole.  I opened the patch kit and was in luck that this old kit still had working glue.  I was soon on my way.  As soon as I got home I found a spare tube and placed it in my bike bag.  I will periodically check the tire pressure on my patched tube.  Tomorrow I will buy more spare tubes and another patch kit.

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