Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fall Is Here

Ready for my morning ride I put on my usual shorts and tank top. One step outside and I new I was in the wrong attire. It was in the 50's with NW winds at 15 mph. I just came back from the warm South and was not prepared for this quick climate change. It was just 2 days ago I was swimming at the beach. It was an awesome morning and I was excited to get back on my recumbent. I put on my favorite knickers, full cut T-shirt, light jacket and off I went. It was a slow start as the last 2 weeks of riding were on my Fuji around the campgrounds and small towns. I had to reacquaint myself with my bent legs. Halfway into this 40 mile ride my speed picked up and I was able to loose the jacket. The cool, crisp, blue skies brought out the cyclers, bikers, walkers, joggers and runners. Although it was a bit of a shock this morning I am looking forward to this new season.

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