Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Home Made Toe Booties

For years I have been trying to figure out the secret to keeping my feet warm on those cold Winter rides. I read that cyclists would stuff their shoes with paper, wrap their feet with plastic bags and even duck tape their shoes. I have tried a few suggestions like sandals with 2 pair wool socks, hiking shoes and even wrapped my feet in plastic. The only real solution seems to be arctic snow shows but not really practical for pedaling. So far the closest thing to working is 2 pair of wool socks inside loose fitting shoes. In my case wide Sketcher sneakers. I figured 2 pair wool socks almost work so how about adding a pair of wool socks outside the shoe and wrapped with duck tape. Seemed like a plan and in less than a half hour I had instant  toe booties. I rode with them yesterday behind the fairing on my Greenway and today on my unfaired Stratus. So, how did they do? Sorry to say, not much better than just the 2 pair of wool socks. Back to the drawing board.

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