Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Shore Up

Today being another glorious day I thought it would be fun to ride to the shore. I haven't been there since before Hurricane Sandy. Tank top, shorts and sandals, my favorite outfit. As I got close to the shore I could feel that cool breeze off the ocean. It was easily 10 degrees cooler. Everybody was out enjoying the weather. The bike path to the shore was filed with cyclists, joggers and walkers. People were walking on any open boardwalk and sun bathing on the beach in spite of the immense construction.  Most of the work being done was on boardwalk replacement. It looks like a lot but not all will be operational by Memorial Day. I expect it will take another year before things are 100%.  One thing for certain it will not keep people from enjoying the shore. The best part about riding to the shore is riding the shore. The 20+ miles to and from are on some major roads but you just can't help but smile when biking at the shore.
Blocked path not yet cleared from Sandy

Bike path to shore

Spring Lake


Asbury Swans 

Lunch at Long Branch

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Justin Garnick said...

Damn!! That's a lot of miles...