Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Got My Fix

You can see by the lack of posts that not much is happening on the cycling campaign trail. I have been inundated with work, both on the job and home, leaving little time for biking.  I promised I would not get obsessed but I found myself "Jonesing". I finally had a hole in my schedule and looked forward to today's ride. The weather called for a drastic drop in temperature and light rain. Not exactly the ideal day for riding. Forecasts being as they may I hoped for the best.  I stepped out early to check the environment. No rain and not as cold as I feared.  To be safe I took the ICE T for it's weather protection.  2 miles out, was that a drop I felt? Yep!  It didn't look that threatening so I kept going. A few more miles and things got a bit more steady. I wasn't feeling the love so I opted for a short cut back.  Fortunately, the God's were smiling and the rain stopped. No sun and still quite chilly but I managed to get my fix with 21 miles.

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