Monday, January 6, 2014

Having A Tough Time.

The weather has been a roller-coaster ride ranging from arctic cold and blizzard like snow to Spring time rain. I couldn't take another day cooped up indoors. Early morning temps were a balmy 57 degrees but with heavy rains. The warm rains washed most of the past snow away. By noon the rains diminished and I thought I had a shot for a ride. Temps had dropped a bit to 50 so a short sleeve shirt, my new jacket and vest seemed appropriate. The Greenway is the perfect platform to tackle big puddles and curbside snow and ice. Of course, 2 miles into the ride light drizzle began again. I couldn't bear to turn back and figured a little warm rain wouldn't hurt me. Well that little drizzle changed to light cold rain as the temps continued to fall. I was hoping to do more than the 15 miles but the winds increased by 10 as the temps dropped by 10. By the time I got home temps dropped to 35, winds well over 20 and freezing rain was falling. Tomorrow promises sunshine with single digit temps and winds over 20.
Don't you just love it.

New jacket and vest

Melting snow


More rain

More rain and big puddles

Freezing rain


timothyj777 said...

well you get an "A" for effort! We already have -11 with wind chills in the -35 area...have thoughts of an early spring!!!

Gary B said...

Hey Marty, really enjoy your blog. Met you last year with my wife on a J STS ride. Was riding a burley hepcat. Still trying to ride in the cold but need to pick my days