Sunday, July 27, 2014

Home Repair

I recently noticed cracks in 3 of my fenders. One Planet bike fender on my Greenway and two SKS fenders on my ICE T. I was surprised about the Greenway as it's only 2 yrs old but research showed Planet bike fenders do not last and crack at the stays. The ICE T is 8 yrs old and the fenders have been rock solid till now so no real complaints. Either way, fenders are difficult and costly to replace especially on recumbents, but they are a must have in my book.  A couple of years back I had an 8 inch crack in the holding tank of my RV from a blow-out. Talk about costly repairs. I found this product called Plasti-Mend which bonds by melting into the original plastic. That $50 product saved me thousands of dollars. I decided that would be the way to go. While waiting for delivery I used good old fashion duct tape to keep things together. Today I made the repairs on all 3 fenders. It's not pretty but it's stronger than original and I have plenty left for future cracks or breaks. 
Plasti-Mend kit

Stress crack ICE T front fender

Greenway Planet Bike fender

ICE T SKS rear fender


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