Thursday, October 30, 2014

I'm Back

I spent the last few weeks driving the Deep South. I carried our bikes 2700 miles on the back of my car only to pedal about 4. Unfortunately my wife incurred a severe elbow bruise making riding impossible. There was nice cycling in the panhandle of Florida along 30A in Navarre Beach. Flat, scenic sugar white beaches, blue emerald waters and great weather. I think I will revisit this area for a self contained tour of my own. As nice as flat Florida is to ride I found Alabama an interesting place to pedal. Quiet country roads with just some slight  hills to keep it interesting. They have a week long supported tour called AMBA that looks interesting.
Although I did not get to pedal we had a spectacular time. This area is now checked on my "Bucket List" but it is a place we will soon return again and again.
Today I did 26 miles, my first ride in weeks. The temp 60 degrees and light winds. I must say it was quite nice and if Winter stayed like this I wouldn't mind spending it here in the NE, but we all know how that goes.

Today's Autumn ride

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