Monday, November 10, 2014

Trike Retreat Weekend

I have been in the process of selling off my stable in hopes of obtaining a folding trike for travel.  A couple of months ago I sold my Stratus and now my beloved Greenway has gone. I met JJ on GOBA a few years back. He has severe arthritis but that does not stop him from pedaling with the best of them. He is a cycling nut like me and pedals all year, even in the snow. His ride of choice are delta trikes. He owns 2 or 3 Suns, a Greenspeed Anura and now my Greenway. He expressed an interest in my Greenway a year and a half ago on GOBA and again this year. I finally decided to sell if he was willing to pick it up. With the help of his friend Sam, they made the 600 mile journey from outside Cleveland, Ohio to New Jersey. JJ suggested they stay an extra day to ride in NJ. I offered up my house and planned a scenic route to enjoy. Sam, another avid trike enthusiast, brought his Terrtrike Tour. The only issue was getting the Greenway set up for JJ with his adaptive needs. Surprising to me it only took about an hour and he was off and running. My plan was to ride 25-41 miles depending on how the guys felt. Being new to the trike I suspected the 25 miles would be more than enough for JJ. Well I was wrong, he took to the trike like a duck to water. He climbed hills like a mountain goat and I was sucking wind behind. We did 41 miles and his tank wasn't even half empty. Sam, no slouch himself, was quite the strong rider. He has his eye on a new "Orange" Catrike Expedition.  After the ride we chowed down at my favorite local Italian restaurant.
For me it was a fantastic weekend of recumbent trike talk and I was able to show why they call it "The Garden State". I will greatly miss this unique trike but I can't think of anyone who would appreciate it more.
3 Amigos

JJ's 1st ride


me sucking wind behind Sam


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