Sunday, November 30, 2014

24 Little Hours

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday 32 degrees, I could hardly ride 22 miles and my toes were frozen even with the fairing. Today 55 and I easily double that. Tomorrow promises 60 so I expect another 40 miler. After that it looks like seasonal temps in the 40's. I can handle the 40's it's those freezing temps that get me down. It's just not fun anymore and feels more like work but hibernating in the house depresses the shit out of me. This is just the beginning of what is a very difficult season for me. Unfortunately, my wife is not ready to be a "Snowbird" so I will have to suck it up.
Time to plan a trip south or maybe a new bike, hmm...

Monday, November 24, 2014

Wacky Weather

It's been a strange week in November. We've had below average, average and above average temps, If you don't believe in Global Warming put your head back in the sand. Today's ride was into the 70's with warm gusty winds in excess of 25 mph.  Felt more like Easter than Thanksgiving. About 15 miles into the ride I met up with my friend Bob and as usual an hour of chit chat had passed. I continued on enjoying every minute of this warm and now sunny day. Even those few miles of hard pushing wind didn't bother me. The last 10 miles with wind at my back made for an easy coast home. A great end to a beautiful day.


Friday, November 21, 2014

Fair Thee Well

Another 22 mile ride, 2 degrees warmer but much more windy.  Nothing will keep you warm and toasty, but, the fairing does help and yes it's worth it.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Ok

My doc gave me the green light for riding. 27 degrees when I started so on went my Winter gear. I had all the right layering with wool socks, balaclava and flaps down. I was pretty comfortable except for my feet. That has always been a problem of Winter riding. I guess it's time for the fairing. The combination of cold and no riding made my leg muscles sore. I decided not to push it after only 22 miles. It was great to finally get out and ride.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Out of Commision

I recently hit 5500 miles for the year but that has come to a screeching halt due to minor eye surgery. No riding for a full week and when I am able, I have a few days of work obligations. I am a far cry from last years record mileage of 6900. Winter's quick onset makes me skeptical of managing another 500 before years end. That being said it's still quite respectable. Riding my bike as much as my car makes me proud and I look forward to the upcoming year of cycling and life's adventures. In the meantime I am going stir crazy and can't wait to get out and scratch that itch.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Trike Retreat Weekend

I have been in the process of selling off my stable in hopes of obtaining a folding trike for travel.  A couple of months ago I sold my Stratus and now my beloved Greenway has gone. I met JJ on GOBA a few years back. He has severe arthritis but that does not stop him from pedaling with the best of them. He is a cycling nut like me and pedals all year, even in the snow. His ride of choice are delta trikes. He owns 2 or 3 Suns, a Greenspeed Anura and now my Greenway. He expressed an interest in my Greenway a year and a half ago on GOBA and again this year. I finally decided to sell if he was willing to pick it up. With the help of his friend Sam, they made the 600 mile journey from outside Cleveland, Ohio to New Jersey. JJ suggested they stay an extra day to ride in NJ. I offered up my house and planned a scenic route to enjoy. Sam, another avid trike enthusiast, brought his Terrtrike Tour. The only issue was getting the Greenway set up for JJ with his adaptive needs. Surprising to me it only took about an hour and he was off and running. My plan was to ride 25-41 miles depending on how the guys felt. Being new to the trike I suspected the 25 miles would be more than enough for JJ. Well I was wrong, he took to the trike like a duck to water. He climbed hills like a mountain goat and I was sucking wind behind. We did 41 miles and his tank wasn't even half empty. Sam, no slouch himself, was quite the strong rider. He has his eye on a new "Orange" Catrike Expedition.  After the ride we chowed down at my favorite local Italian restaurant.
For me it was a fantastic weekend of recumbent trike talk and I was able to show why they call it "The Garden State". I will greatly miss this unique trike but I can't think of anyone who would appreciate it more.
3 Amigos

JJ's 1st ride


me sucking wind behind Sam


Monday, November 3, 2014

Cabin Fever

I chose not to ride the last couple of days because of rain, cold and wind. Today promised sunshine and lingering winds with temps climbing into the 50's.  I over dressed a bit with my winter pants, heavy shirt, wool socks, gloves and windbreaker. I decided to err on the side of caution and figured better to take off than find myself cold. I was able to put flaps up and remove windbreaker and gloves. I had a few miles of nasty headwinds but the last 10 miles were wind at my back making an easy coast home. All in all a nice 41 mile day.