Monday, January 19, 2015

Birthday Ride

Following yesterday's torrential rains I opted to use my full fenderd ICE T. After all, it's seen more than it's share of foul weather. My plan was for only 40 miles. I shouldn't say only because 40 is a lot especially in Winter. The weather called for mid 40's and gusty winds. I left late with temps in the upper 30's. The winds didn't seem too bad and I had warmer temps to look forward to so I began to entertain thoughts of doing my "Birthday Ride".  With the weather being extremely unpredictable I figured it wasn't going to get any better than this so at 17 miles I made my decision and turned off with no going back. The next 5+ miles was wind in my face. Although the weather said 45 it felt colder. In fact I went through 3 small snow showers. It never did quite warm up and the skies remained cloudy. My motto became, keep pedaling.  At 40 miles I was wishing I was done as originally planned. I could have ended the ride at 50 but I was not about to admit defeat. I started this tradition at age 50. I may have to do metric miles at age 80.

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