Friday, April 10, 2015


All dressed and no place to go. Well actually I have where to go just waiting on the mist to dissipate. It's almost noon and no signs of sun or warming temps. Every time I look at the hourly forecast it pushes back the nice weather later and later. Doesn't look good until about 6 pm. To get in the spirit of things I dug out my knickers and sandals. The next few days promise warm sunshine, but of course, I committed myself to work. I have to stop doing that.  I don't think I can wait any longer so I will darn my fleece and hope the sunshine catch's up with me..

25 miles later, the sun never came out, it didn't get warmer, mist turned to drizzle and I should have worn socks and shoes.
You just can't rush Mother Nature!


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DPSIG said...

your Spring looks further along then ours' Lake Erie keeps us cool !