Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Not To Bad

Because of yesterday's work obligations I was unable to enjoy what was the first warm, sunny day of the season. Now that I'm free the next few days call for rain. Fortunately, forecasting is not an exact science and this morning, although cloudy, was quite warm and no rain. I decided to temp fate and ride. It was a balmy 60 and little wind. I could easily have worn shorts and a light long sleeve shirt but erred on the side of caution with pants and a Winter shirt just in case of rain. The first 20 miles were quite enjoyable and I felt I could do an easy 50. I kept checking the skies waiting for things to change. It wasn't long before the calm SW winds turned to windy cooler NE winds. I didn't get to enjoy the anticipated tailwind for my last leg and I did get sprinkled on a few times, but all things considered, it was quite an enjoyable ride.

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