Saturday, June 13, 2015

In Preparation Of

Being down to 1 bike I like keeping spare parts on hand. Although I still had some tread left on my Tryker tires after 6k miles the right one was showing many small cracks. Time for relacement. Chains don't seem to last more than a year for me and mine was 50% worn for a couple of months. It hit 75% and so I replaced. My crankset has over 28k miles and I found a good deal so it got replaced along with a new front derailer cable. The rear was replaced a few months back. The original 9 year old rear fender cracked many months back and I did a make shift repair. While taking the trike out for a test ride I noticed a rattle and low and behold the rear fender broke. I had 2 old fenders and many spare parts and I was able to make 1 good fender with sturdy mounts. I hate rattles. I also setup my new tent and seam sealed. All this in preparation for GOBA which is always a good time. The only thing left is to decide whether I do it self-contained.
old tire 6k miles

new tires

new crankset

new chain and cassette

broken fender with shitty mounts

new fender with nice mounts

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