Monday, November 30, 2015

November Numbers

I just completed my 11th consecutive day of riding. I have 23 days riding and a total of 702 miles for the month of November. It is the most days of riding in one month. I only had 2 other months with more miles, June and July. Thanks to El Nino and Global Warming it was one of the warmest Novembers in 100 years. We had a few cold 30's and a few warm 70's but most often it was in the upper 50's. In addition we had little rain. I am just shy of 6K miles for the year.
Here are some pics from the month.

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DPSIG said...

Got me beat, I did 699 miles, 28 days. Since May of this year, I;ve been using the Cat Eye Stealth Evo with built in GPS that I can mount to either the Greenway or the Greenspeed, and up loading to Strava, So Now I can keep track of my miles, on May 1, of 2016, I will know how many miles I did in a year.
Also in Strava I can indicate what gear I used for the ride, in my case, either the Greenspeed Anura or the Lightfoot Greenway, its nice to know the milage on each trike !