Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Into The Wind

November was record breaking weather and it appears December is too. The past few days you could ride with shorts, t-shirt and sandals(my favorite outfit). I rode 13 consecutive days and enjoyed them all. With so many days of riding I was not enthusiastic about getting out on this very windy day. With sustained 20 mph winds and forecasters predicting gusts up to 35 I took serious thought in leaving my bike in the garage. What helped motivate me was the bright sunshine and promise of 60 degree temps. I decided on 20 miles as no matter how bad, it is easily doable for me. There is no battling wind, just gear down and take your time. The nice thing about riding a trike is you don't have to worry about falling over.  In addition, I was riding slow enough to post to my FB buddies and share the ride. It was with their encouragement and company that made today's ride very enjoyable.


Look what I found

1/2 way

Very Windy!!!

Need more of these

The End.

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