Sunday, August 13, 2017

On The Road

It's been quite some time since I posted. We sold our house in New Jersey, packed 26 years into a small box and headed out as Full Time Rver's on October 4, 2016.  It has been 10 months and we are currently in Oregon. We have traveled through approximately 19 states  and I have pedaled in most. In preparation of this journey we had to purge much stuff, including some beloved bikes. The 2 keepers where my ICE T trike and my Xootr Swift folder. The trike took up much room and did not always work in areas visited. In November of 2014 I sold it in Lake Worth, Florida. It was a said day for I had that trike 12 years and 35k miles. Be that as it may I have thoroughly enjoyed my Xootr Swift and it currently has 4k miles for the year. It sits in the back of my CRV with room to spare.
We Wintered in Florida for 5 months and it was great for bike trails. Wherever we went there seemed to be a designated bike path nearby. Alabama, Gulf Shores was another fine area to cycle. Other states where hit or miss but I always managed to find something. Ohio is not my most scenic state but the people are the friendliest and it has many designated paved bike trails. Iowa and Illinois had some great trails along the Mississippi and rural roads with little traffic. Although I did not pedal in Nappanee, Indian it would have been a great place to ride. It has flat scenic roads with friendly Amish. The locals are accustomed to Buggy's and cyclist. One of my favorite places to date is La Grande, Oregon. It is situated in a flat valley surrounded by beautiful foothills. It has miles and miles of scenic bikeways. Another week here in Oregon and off for new adventures. I'm looking forward to Utah and Colorado for more miles of smiles.
See you on the road!!!

La Grande, Oregon

Old RV

New RV


Gulf Shores Alabama Trail


Birthday ride.
Alligator sighting.



Rural Georgia




That's not good, Iowa

Took up too much room
Sadly had to go

Not my best look

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