Monday, November 5, 2007

$100 Cycling Pants

I can't believe I did this. After a few days of rain and no cycling I searched the web and came across Sporthill XC pants. The reviews posted from various sites intrigued me. A great form fitting pant without being tights. Warm and wicking with zippered pockets and legs. Also sewn in center crease, making them look good off the bike as well as on.

I am not a clothes horse and prefer tank top, regular shorts and sneakers. I use large footprint BMX pedals on all my bikes. I find my wicking T's at local dept stores for $10. My idea is to keep it simple and inexpensive and easy to get out and ride. Comfort and fit are most important to me, so spending $100 on a pair of pants was against my religion.

My 2 favorite cycling pants are a pair of sweatpants from the boys dept 4yrs ago and a pair of women's stretch workout pants. It seems for me, mens work out clothes are made for the tall lanky types. A small sweat pant for me fights waist wise, but has a crotch that hangs down to you knees and a length for a 6' tall person.

I have done 3 rides with my new XC pants and I love them. My wife says for that money they should come with a top. I agree. The fit is on the money. I chose the medium short. The waist is perfect 30-33 and the lenght is a 27" inseam, again perfect for me. When I get off the bike to go into a store I don't feel like I'm from a Halloween costume party. I have used these pants in 40-50 degree weather. I think they would be most comfortable between 35-42.

All in all these pants have an outstanding fit and comfort and are a welcome addition to my winter cycling in spite of there price.


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