Wednesday, November 28, 2007

King Grips from Rivendale

I went out on a limb and decided to try the new King Grip Pedals from Rivendale. They advertised large platform with excellent gripping power without the need for special cycling shoes. They went as far as to say they could be used with flip flops. They also had the cool factor, a figure 8 design. I have had my Odyssey triple traps on all my bikes for the last 8 yrs and saw no reason to change. They are a bit heavy but grip very well with all shoes and just work for me. Sitting home on a cool wet day I became intrigued with the King Grips and thought they might make a great addition. They arrived yesterday and I was excited to try them out. I weighed them in comparison to my Odyssey and found them grams lighter. So far so good. They are definitely longer than the Odyssey, but are much narrower. I thought that might be a concern. What was a greater concern was my feet were all over the place. No grip what so ever. On a recumbent that could be catastrophic. I have always enjoyed the Gorilla Glue type grip of my Odyseeys and the King Grips had none. I thought the cool factor would be worth the $50, but not at the expense of comfort and safety. So I stay with my Odyssey's and return the King Grips. Only to keep

Enjoying the ride.

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