Friday, November 9, 2007

Annual mileage goal

I hit my minimal annual mileage goal a few days ago. 3K. This year started off slow for the 1st few months and it took a while longer till I got in the groove again. Sometimes life just gets in the way. I should finish with a few hundred more before years end. Last yr was excellent at 4300mi and that was with 4 weeks of non cycling vacations and no week long cycling events.

Yesterday, I got out for a 30 miler in the brisk fall weather. Temps 40, minimal wind, and perfect fall foliage. A great relaxing ride. Cool weather riding does bring down my average, 1/2-1 mph, but I don't care. I still need to get out.

This yr 99% of my miles has been on my ICE T trike. It is so easy to just hop on and go and if need be I can put it in the trunk of my Accent with minimal effort. The T is a great winter ride as I don't have to worry about wheels sliding out. The only problem with trike riding is it does not fair well with other cyclists including bents. It is a bit slower and sits lower making conversing with other riders difficult. All my trike rides this yr have been by myself except for 1 ride with Joel, another trike rider. Unfortunately, my Stratus is collecting dust and has only enjoyed 2 rides. One with old cycling friends on a tandem and one 50 miler by myself. To tell the truth I like the solitude of solo riding. Even when cycling week events like Bikeva or GOBA, I still prefer to ride by myself, at my own pace and let my mind wonder. I do become a social butterfly once we hit tent city and later at the local pubs.

I am starting to think about what rides I might do next yr. Bikeva is always a favorite. I am also considering doing a multiple day self contained trip.

This year is slowly coming to an end and I look forward to what great cycling adventures lie ahead.


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