Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Visiting an old friend

Today I decided to take my old friend for a ride. My 2000 Stratus has been collecting dust since my purchase of my ICE T. I recently read an old review from Bob Bryant of RCN about the Rans Stratus XP. It got me thinking how much I loved my Stratus. It has about 18,000 mi on it with no changes other than component maintenance. I did change the Crank to a 165 Suguino 26/36/46. Love that crank. This bike fits like a glove and has been my favorite ride of all time.

Today, the day after Christmas, I decided to dust off the cob webs and take this baby for spin. Actually, I just aired the tires and away I went. I new no adjustments were needed. It has always performed beautifully and required little maintenance. It was as I expected. Like putting on an old shoe, comfortable and predictable. I glided 28 miles through the cold crisp air singing "Old Friends" by Simon and Garfunkle.

The Stratus is by far the most comfortable bike I ever rode. With its long wheel base design, it eats up road vibrations. It almost feels like a suspended bike. The Rans seat is considered the standard in mesh seats. The steering does have tiller effect and climbing steep hills takes practice and requires lower gearing. Both of which I have become quite practiced in. This bike has proved itself many times climbing over the Blue Ridge Mt's weighing 50 lbs with accessories. It was very rare for me to walk a hill. In fact, one time I drafted off a guy who was walking. For me slow and steady wins the race.

The Stratus has been my best cycling friend. It is always there for me and has never let me down. It is and always will be a keeper.

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