Saturday, December 1, 2007

It's getting tougher all the time

December 1st, temps 32, wind gusts, God knows. All I new the sun was shinning and I had to get out for at least a 15 miler to hit 3200 for the yr. I know I advocate riding all yr round, but putting on all that garb for a short ride is a hassle. 2 sets of wool socks, my favorite sneakers, long sleeve synthetic shirt, light cycling jacket from France(a gift from my daughter), fleece and nylon windbreaker. and of course my XC pants. Also included a balaclava, wool cap and fleece mittens. Everything worked well. I probably could have used 1 more pair of woolen socks, but then I needed bigger shoes.

This was my old time favorite loop when I thought I was a big shot doing 15 mile rides. Now I do this ride in my swim suite taking a break from my in-laws.

It's tough having to put on all these clothes for such a short ride, but that is how I must survive the winter so I can keep on
Enjoying the ride.

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