Sunday, February 3, 2008

Great Half Time View

Today was one of the best winter cycling days. Temps mid 40's with neglibable winds of 2-3mph. I started my ride at 10:30 am to allow for the morning thaw. The sky was clear blue and I was feeling great. I decided not to take a definitive route but rather play it by ear. It was amazingly quiet with few cars and fewer cyclists. I was surprised not to see more riders. I figured everyone was laying back for the game later. I was in the groove. Their loss was my gain. My half way mark at 17 miles, turned out to be Rising Sun Lake. A lake, I stumbled upon, while adventure cycling NJ. A beautiful small lake known mostly to locals for fishing and boating. A great scenic rest or lunch spot.
I finished up the ride at 35+ miles. I am looking foward to a Great Super Bowl Game and my wife's famous Chile and Wings, for which I have worked up a great appetite.
If the Giants win, it will be an end to a perfect day. If the Patriots win, it will be an end to a perfect day.
Keep Riding

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