Thursday, February 28, 2008

New Sleeping Bag

I just purchased a Northface Allegany Rectangular sleeping bag for touring. It is a synthetic bag that compacts down to 7"X13" and weights just 2 lbs 8 oz and is good down to 40 deg. I just can't do those mummy bags. I have a North Face Kazoo down mummy bag which weights about the same but is good to 20 deg, and stuffs to the same size. I used it once on BikeVa with temps at night in the 70's and I just sweltered all night long. Later, on other bike trips, I decided to try a Fleece rectangular sleeping bag. If the temps were warm (60 or above) it was fine and the fleece was way more comfortable. If it was chillier the fleece just couldn't cut it and I was forced to dress to the max and freeze. Having a full sided zipper that opens up the bag to a quilt is perfect for me. I can move around and squish the bag to conform to my sleeping habits. Those mummy bags may be warm, but, I feel like I'm in a coffin. The coldest night trips I have taken, believe it or not, was on BikeFl in March. The night temps got down to freezing with frost on my tent. All of my other tent touring rides have been in warmer weather. This new bag seems just what the doctor ordered. Light weight, stuffs into a small sack and is good to 40 deg. I purchased this bag at Campmor in northern NJ. I found this to be the best camping type store in the country for price and variety. If you are fortunate to be close enough their in house sales staff is outstanding . If not, their online catalogue is fantastic.
I am not sure what if any organized tours I will be doing this yr. With my old and new Arkel panniers and pods my ICE T is begging to be toured.
Keep Riding!!

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