Monday, February 11, 2008

New Dura Ace Barend Shifters

I have been having problems with my right index shifting, since jamming over a month ago. For some reason it would not shift past 4th. It was a great day and I decided to make repairs on the road and continue the ride. I am not sure how I got things to work but I did . Since then I have not had good shifting and felt it was the Dura Ace shifter. I did spray some lubricant down the shifter and may have damaged the plastic spacers. Having become quite the mechanic, with the help of Park Tools, I decided to change the barcons myself. I ordered new Dura Ace Shifters off Ebay for $65 with shipping. Today being 16 deg and windy, I decided to sleep late and latter work on the trike. It was so cold I couldn't work in the garage and decided to bring my new PVC trike stand and trike in the house for repairs. An hour and a half later shifters and cables were replaced and major derailer adjustments made. All seemed great and I decided to venture out for a test ride around the block. Shifting seemed great with a slight need for anticipated stretching. I am still frostbitten but I think all is fixed. After only 4800 mi I didn't expect to have to replace shifters, especially after over 18k mi on my srams on my Stratus.
I am looking forward to a good ride to truly evaluate my repairs. If it shifts as good as before I will be one happy camper.
I love my trike.
An additional note, my home made trike stand worked beautifully.
It made repairs much easier.

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