Sunday, November 2, 2008

Streamer Fairing Update

I have had the Streamer fairing for awhile. It seems the rear strut mount to the boom is not a secure design. I have had much unwanted movement and at 1 time the hose clamp broke, leaving me a very slow 5 mile ride back home. I decided the mount needed more support. I pushed the strut as forward as possible till it touched the derailer tube. I then added a hose clamp around the derailer tube and the front strut. Of course, I protected all parts with rubber tubing, so as not to scratch my paint. The fairing is now rock solid. What I did loose is the ability to easily remove it. I can remove it, but requires removing a bolt. No big deal as I intend to keep it on all winter. In fact I am considering keeping it on all year. What I did gain. It's easier to swing my legs over and the cool factor has increased 10 fold.
Another thing happened. I found the trike was shimmying or oscillating, when I hit a bump and did not have my hands on the bars. This became so annoying I was ready to scrap the fairing. I recently read on the BROL news group another T owner having the same problem with his T only no fairing. It was advised to check all bolts and toe in.
As it turned out my headsets on both sides were very loose. I tightened the headsets, secured everything and went for a 16mi spin. The fairing was tight as a drum, no shimmy or oscillating over bumps and I was able to pedal in a straight line hands off, which I could never do before.
Fixing one problem lead to fixing a potentially dangerous other problem.
In conclusion the weight of the fairing is unnoticeable, helps in head winds, keeps me warmer for winter riding and has increased the cool factor.
Loving the ride!!!

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