Saturday, August 22, 2009

Adding Tush Cush

I have no butt and riding a mesh seat without cushioning just doesn't work for me. The best seat I have found is Rans. Unfortunately it cannot be put on a trike. After over 9k mi I am beginning to get a little recumbent butt on my T. I guess the 1/2 in open cell foam I bought 3 yrs ago from Power On Cycling is loosing it's cush. I tried the the 2 in open cell foam from Hostel shop made for the T. You slide it under the seat between the bottom and the straps. It did not help. I decided to sliver off a 1/2 in piece from the 2 in block and added it to the middle of my old foam. I also made a cover to keep all things neat and pretty. As stated before I now have a bit more recline on my seat. All this has made for a much more comfortable ride. It almost feels like my old Rans seat.

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