Thursday, August 27, 2009

ICE Quick Relaese Rear Fender

I just purchased and installed ICE new QR rear fender for my T. In short it is form followed by function at a reasonable price. For the past 3 yrs of owning my trike I was very happy with the rear rack and fender setup. Unfortunately, I rarely used the rear rack as the PODS Panniers proved quite adequate for my needs. I new any rear 20 in fear fender would easily mount, but my trike would not fit in the back of my Accent with it on. The original QR rear fender was expensive and had mixed reviews to its being able to stay put.
Apparently ICE was on the ball and redesigned the fender. The fender appears to be SKS and has these black mounts that the fender stays snapped into. I have seen these before. The interesting part is how they came up with the front mount to the bike. They used the same black mount screwed on the fender and added a metal tongue that screwed into the frame. All this amounts to click, click,click. There is one trick. You have to click in the front mount first and then the side stays. If you do it the other way the front mount is very difficult to snap in. The side stays are different on each side, not exactly sure why, but it all works. At under $30 this is a very fine and rock solid fender with no wobble or rattle that gives you the option to quickly remove if needed.



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