Sunday, August 30, 2009

Old Friends

After working the past few days and then having rain, it was nice to finally get a ride in. It became a beautiful Sunday morning with minimal winds and humidity. About 5 miles into the ride I bumped into 2 cycling buddies Jay and Dave. I haven't seen these guys in over a year. Although we have not ridden together in years I always met up with them on the annual 5 Boro Bike NY Tour. This year I opted out, so seeing them was a great surprise. We reminisced a bit and then caught up on the now. It was great that we were all still into cycling and everyone looked and felt good. A few minutes later I hear a cyclist yell, "Hey I know you" and calls out to me by my last name. He is the current president of my bike club.( Central Jersey Bike Club) I have ridden with Jeff a number of times, but I never thought with so many members he would know my last name. It might be because I am one of the few recumbent riders in the club.
After a 1/2 hr of catching up on things with Jay and Dave I continued my ride. It was becoming such a beautiful day I felt the wind was always at my back and I could ride forever. As much as I would have liked that I had to get back for some enjoyable family obligations of watching my grandson.
As I was riding back thinking of what I might write a small red car pulls up next to me and says, "Wow twice in one day". It was Jay riding home in his car from his ride with Dave.
What a great day riding and meeting up with some great old friends.

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