Thursday, April 8, 2010


I have been doing some interior work on my house and decided it was time for a change. This winter has taken it's toll on my front garden. My landscaping ties have disintegrated. As they are on sale today for $2, I decided to take my trailer with some bungee cords and strapping. I purchased 5 of these 8 ft monstrosities. These things are heavier than I thought. It became quite a challenge and I was about to call for some help, but I was determined. The problem was trying to get the weight towards the front. Not an easy task. Finally, I was ready, and rode the 3 miles back at 7.5mph. Slow and steady wins the race. For S__ts and giggles, I weighed the ties and found each was 25lbs for a total of 125#. The trailer is rated at 90 kg, so I was well under the weight limit. I love riding and I get a kick out of what I can accomplish with the trailer. I got many thumbs up on my ride back, but, most of all it gave me another excuse to


Big Oak said...

You should really have a red flag attached to the back of your logs. Just a suggestion :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Always like to see bikes with ridiculous loads.

I moved house on my bike last year. Well, I did have some help from another bike and rider, and the british railway network, but still. Fun times.

Camilla said...

Love your tshirt, I might steal that slogan! I just commented on your DIY-with-recumbent-trike post but my computer was playing up so not sure if you got it in the end... sigh.

I'm a pedaller from Old Jersey, though not yet converted to Recumbentism. Tried a few last week at the Spezialradmesse in germany but didn't get anywhere with it - didn't realise they were so hard to get the hang of! Recumbent trikes though, now they're great. Ever tried tandem recumbents? Check this:
I suspect that's also gonna be hard to get used too...

Keep spinning.