Friday, April 16, 2010


Hats, what can I say? I like them. Not just any hat. One that must fit well and usually in the form of a cap. I am especially fond of cycling caps to help keep the cold off my head and the sun out of my eyes. My favorite Bowery Boy cool weather cap is tucked away till fall. It is now time to release my spring wear. My favorite over the last few years has been Headsweats Spincycle cap. Good fit with great wicking ability and just the right size bill to keep the sun out of my eyes and off my forehead. Unfortunately it has streched and no longer fits. The new version comes in white only and at $20 is a bit rich for my taste. I have tried other caps, but, find the longer bills do not allow my favorite Smith and Wesson sunglasses to fit properly. After researching and with the help of Alan from Ecovelo, I came across Walz Caps. They are moderately priced, have a great selection, come in 2 sizes and have great reviews. I decided to go with the basic cotton cap and have it personalized. While waiting for my cap to arrive, I found Pace Caps. A well known name also with a great selection and reviews, but, one size fits all. I found an especially good deal and purchased a basic black cap which I received in 3 days. After all the hoop la, here is what I found.
Price being relatively equal, the Pace cap has a much better fit for my small head. In addition the Pace cap has a slightly larger and stronger bill. The Walz cap which I purchased in a small medium size is a bit big for me. Having some cotton in it, I tried to shrink it a bit with almost no effect. I fear this cap has the potential to blow off my head on a good fast downhill. The bill also does not flip up crisply and has a tendency to wrinkle. Some people find this a unique quality. Both caps are excellent quality and made in the USA. For me the Pace caps work better. Like buying a recumbent you have to try it on for size to see if it works for you.

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