Friday, April 2, 2010

A Short Story

Like most people, I started enjoying cycling when I was just a kid. A group of ten or so would take long tours from Queens, NY to Long Island and back. We would ride anything we could find including small unfitted bikes. I even made a tandem, buy filing the rear drop out of my bike and attaching the front wheel of my friends bike. Wobbled at slow speeds, but stayed the course. Bikes turned into cars and marriage and kids. Moving to NJ over 20 years ago renewed my interest. I bought a Mongoose for $225. I saw a Zzipper fairing in one of my bike magazines and thought how cool. I also added fenders and panniers and began using the bike for shopping and errands. Thanks to the net I became fascinated with recumbents and bought a Bikee in 2000. I have experimented with different recumbents, but have now settled on my ICE T trike. I still have a few folders and a retro urban tourer I built up inspired by Alan of Ecovelo. I have learned to do my own repairs and upgrades. I leave my car at home when possible. Cycling has become my Olympic flame that I hope will never extinguish.


SolarElectricGuy said...

I have been thinking about a trike and the Trice has been favorably reviewed. Thanks for your endorsement - I plan to check one out soon. Have a 2005 Volae Expedition currently - with fairing & Ergon grips.
Tony from Richfield, WI

Marty Garnick said...

This is my 3rd trike with well over 10k miles. It is a keeper. ICE trikes are well engineered.