Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Just Another Day

Today I had to run out at 7:30 for an errand. Got back at 8:30 had coffee and breakfast, read the paper, then checked my email, Ecovelo, The Recumbentblog, and Bentrideronline in that order. I new the day was going to get toasty with increased humidity so I decided to head out early for a 31 miler. It was gorgeous with temps in the low 80's, mild winds, and an abundance of beautiful sunshine. Half way through the ride I decided to turn on my Ipod with my powered external speakers. Scrolling through I decided to listen to John Denver and the song that most expressed my feelings was Sunshine On My Shoulders. John and I harmonized beautifully together. I got back just after noon and before the day got too hot. After some cool drinks and a snack I was about to head out food shopping. My wife stopped me and said "I left the reusable grocery bags in your car". I said "I'm going by bike". She said "Didn't you have enough biking"? After almost 33 years of marriage I was stunned by the comment, but calmly replied "No".
I guess I'm a bikeaholic.

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