Saturday, June 19, 2010

Nothing Much to Say

I have not added any cycling gear. My trike remains unchanged. My clothes are simple everyday summer wear (shorts tee shirt and sandals). For the past few months I have been relatively car free and have spent more hours in the saddle using my trike for both utility and pleasure rides. Yesterday was one of those 10 best days of the year. Temps starting in the upper 70's with low winds and humidity. I started the day running some errands, by bike of course, and returned home about 11. The day was glorious so I ventured out for a lazy summer afternoon ride. New Jersey is not the most bike friendly state, but it does offer some of the most beautiful rural countryside. I am fortunate that just a few miles from home puts me in that surrounding. Yesterday I passed horses with their young, cows, deer, turkey vultures, hawks and some of the most beautiful pastures. We are called the Garden State. It turned out to be a 51 miler day of pure cycling bliss.

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Thanks for sharing those stories and pictures.