Saturday, December 25, 2010

But Baby It's Cold Outside

Yesterday, Christmas Eve Day, I did 23 utility miles running errands.  It was a bit windy but otherwise a balmy day in the mid 30's.  Within the 1st 3 miles I was obnoxiously honked at 3 times.  There were many cars on the road and people were in a rush.  I was not feeling the love.  It seemed that all drivers were The Grinch.  I realized quickly I had to keep a sharp eye out in order to remain safe.  I completed the day without incidence.  Today, Christmas Day, I decided to relax awhile at home before venturing out for a ride.  Finally, late morning, I hit the road.  It was cold and cloudy with temps in the mid 20's, but with little wind.  7 miles into the ride my hands and body started to warm up, unfortunately, my toes started to get cold.  It was a bit eerie as most stores were closed and there were few cars on the road.  As the ride progressed more cars appeared, but there was a calmness about.  After 26 miles the only honk I heard was someone gratefully asking me for directions and wishing me a happy holiday.
A safe and Happy Holiday to all.

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