Sunday, December 12, 2010

Change Up

I decided it was time for a face lift.  Not only in my blog design, but in my cycling outlook.  It is true that I have become a recumbent enthusiast over the last 10+ years.  More importantly, I have realized that cycling in general is what gets my juices flowing.  I own a Dahon folder, Fuji tourer and my ICE trike at present and enjoy each one.  I have sellers remorse over previously owned bikes.  I hope to acquire different designed bikes when possible.  I enjoy riding by myself, riding with friends in my club, and just leaving my car and using my bike to get wherever I need to go.  When I rediscovered cycling over 20 years ago my favorite thing was to explore roads I never traveled and see what adventure laid ahead.  My love is in the ride not what I ride.  I recently joined The League of American Bicyclists and hope to take a class on becoming a certified instructor on safe cycling.  My goal is to open peoples minds to the joy of cycling.

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