Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Old New Rocket

I have had some sellers regret and one of them was my 01 Rocket.  It served me well with it's easy transport, versatility, and light weight.  I took it on all my camping trips and it was the bike my son used on those rare bonding moments, like The 5 Boro Bike NY, BikeVa and our self-contained 4 day tour around southern NJ.  It was my love affair with trikes that prompted me to sell off my other bikes.  I have been eyeing this baby for the last month on Craigslist and finally decided to make an offer.  The seller and his wife turned out to be avid ICE T riders like myself.  As proud as I am of my 5350 miles for the year I was astonished that his wife had over 6,000 mi for the year and he had over 3k while working full time.  It was wonderful meeting these great folks and was worth the 4 hr drive. 
I have some changes I would like to do, like gearing and maybe adding a chain tube to avoid those chain tattoos I recall.  I have some other ideas but as you can see by the weather, I won't be doing any immediate riding.  I need to putter about for a while and see what flows.  I am excited with my new project and look forward to it's evolution.

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