Saturday, March 19, 2011

1 ST Leader Led Club Ride

My bicycle club, Central Jersey Bike Club, has been going through a transition. New leadership, new innovative thinking to help increase membership but most importantly getting people excited about cycling. They sponsor 3 great events. The Farmlands Flat, Hillier than Thou and The Longest Day, a 200+ mile ride from the northern tip of NJ to the southern tip. They have a new on line news letter and have added their own forum for discussions. One of my favorite new creations is the addition of AD-HOC Rides. Instead of having to commit to leading rides 1-2 months in advance you can now add a ride in 1-2 days. Not wanting to ride alone today, I posted a ride the last minute yesterday. I got a couple of responses and we had a great 37 miler ride. This was not only my 1st leader led ride for 2011 but also for many years. CJBC is reinventing themselves and I hope to play a part.

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