Friday, March 11, 2011

Rocket Update

After all the recent rain and flooding, I thought it best to take the Rocket for today's ride. To my surprise things dried up pretty well around here. There were just a few puddles and not the soggy soaked streets I expected. I am still experimenting with the Rocket. I find I do not use the 62 massive chainring much. I seem to stay more on the middle 52t ring and occasionally on steep climbs drop down to the small 42t ring. Rans actually took a double crankset and added spacers and a third chainring. I am thinking of moving the 52 ring to the outside and replacing the 42t with a 38t in the middle and returning it to a double. I believe the derailer will handle it and it will give me all the gears I need. I am really no faster on the Rocket than my Trike. I guess my initial speed increase was a result of my excitement of my new bike. The Rocket does offer height and portability which comes in handy at times. The seat height is a bit high for those vertically challenged and I find myself on my tippy toes at stops. Changing out the the seat to a Euromesh would greatly help, but it is not as much to my liking as the original Rans seat. It's a fun bike to play around with and has great potential. It will be interesting to see how and if it evolves.

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