Thursday, June 16, 2011

Going To GOBA

Tomorrow I leave for GOBA. 7 days of cycling around Ohio. This year takes us from Kenton through Marion, Delaware, London, Bellefontaine and back to Kenton. 259 to 416 miles of some great cycling. The weather shows scattered thunderstorms, but you know how that goes.  With BikeFlorida and my work commutes I have become quite accustomed to foul weather.  Besides you can't trust the weather predictions.  I am looking forward to getting away and just pedaling to my hearts content along with 2700 other cycling enthusiast.  When I return I will report back.  In the meantime.


Rong said...

Just saw your post on BROL. Since I'm new to the whole "biking scene" I had to go Google this up. Looks like a lot of fun. A whole week of biking and having everything set up like they do looks like a blast.

Remember it's all meaningless without pictures. Are you going to blog your little adventure so us commoners can be inspired?

Have fun and be safe.

Mike (Rong) Kenney

Marty Garnick said...

Of course I will.

Anonymous said...

How is Goba going? no info yet, how was your first day riding? And, by the way, Happy Fathers Day!