Thursday, June 2, 2011

A long Shore Thing

Added trail in Atlantic Highlands

New bridge with bike lane to Sea Girt

View from bridge

view from bridge

Long Branch boardwalk and beach

Asbury Park Convention Center
It was another extremely hot day, but I was in the mood for something different.  I had to run an errand that was just 3 miles from the Henry Hudson bike trail.  The trail begins in Matawan and runs approximately 12 miles to Atlantic Highlands.  I decided to go for it and ride over the new bridge and down the shore line to Manasquan.  I love riding the shore and thought it would be a good place to cool off.  One thing I learned was 1 mile after the trail ends it starts up again at the marina for another 2 miles along the bay.  Very beautiful.  Another thing I leaned was the new bridge into Sea Girt has a designated bike lane.  The last thing I learned was, although the shore was cooler the winds were up from the south.  I had 20 miles of gusting headwinds.  I could hardly get my trike over 8 mph.  I was tempted to jump off sooner and return home, but the roads are high traffic and not enjoyable.  I stopped for a Jumbo Hot Dog and Large Pepsie at the Windmill restaurant.  Refueled I continued my journey.  I finally got to Manasquan where I picked up the Edger Felix Memorial Bikeway for another 5 miles and out of the wind.  About 15 miles from home the skies darkened and rain was on and off.  The rain was refreshing but I was concerned about Thunderstorms.  After 72.4 miles, I made it home unscathed.

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