Saturday, July 16, 2011

Take The Lane

I have been riding my Fuji more.  It is a great commuting bike and works for quick jaunts to the store.  Initially, I found it to be quite slow, but as time went on I became faster.  I guess my recumbent leg muscles  had to readjust to conventional biking.  What else I have noticed is riding 2 wheeler's, recumbent or not, do not make cars congenial.  What I mean is cars do not give you any room.  They try to squeeze you to the side.  On my trike they can't judge as well and give me an extremely wide berth when passing or will not pass until they safely can.  They are not always happy about that, but, they give me the room I deserve.  On my Fuji I do not feel as safe and find I have to watch out more for passing cars.  I have had cars come so close they raise the hair on my skin.  In addition I have had cars pass me at blind spots.  I can certainly understand peoples insecurity when riding a bike on traffic roads.  As a cycling advocate and knowing we have the same rights as motor vehicles, I have learned to drive both offensively and defensively.  Initially I thought keeping to the right was the best safety measure you could do.  I have since learned this is not always the case.  You have to leave yourself room from impending danger like potholes, gravel, parked car doors opening etc.  If I feel safety is an issue I will move out into the lane to keep cars from passing at an inopportune moment.  It not only saves my life, but, also the driver of the vehicle that may not see as clearly what dangers lay up a head.  THINK SMART, RIDE SMART and BE SAFE.

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Jim said...

Hi there, Marty. Nice blog! Kim sent me the link after we (Sheryl and I and our kids) visited them in PA this weekend. GOBA looks like it was lots of fun. Stay safe out there!