Sunday, September 25, 2011

I'm Back!!!

Just got back from vacation, not exactly as planned, but still an interesting adventure.
Today I got out on my 1st 25 miler in over 2 weeks, nice.  I thought it would be cooler, but temps were in the the high 70's with little wind and mostly cloudy.  The fact that there was no rain made it quite a great riding day.  I noticed the weather over the last 2 weeks was unusually cold and expected the same on my return, but things warmed up.  September and October have turned out to be my favorite riding months of the year.  Anyway the fairing was over kill for today but still fun.  It added great bling, did nothing to increase or decrease my average speed, but what it did do is add many thumbs up and cool bike.
Nice to be home and get back on my bike.

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