Saturday, September 3, 2011

No Pictures Today

I have been riding the last 5 days after hurricane Irene.  The weather has been absolutely perfect.  Low 80's, light winds, no humidity and abundant sunshine.  I have been riding my usual routes with slight variations, to keep it interesting, through Millstone Township.  I would like to venture to other areas but the cycling in these parts is bike and people friendly.  These are rural winding roads with horse farms, tree covered lanes, minor hills and minimal motor traffic.  It is common ground to both cyclists and motorcyclists.  The atmosphere is calm and friendly.  I would like to venture out more in NJ but that would mean taking my car or doing multi-day, overnight rides, something I should investigate further.  The northern area of NJ is slightly mountainous or very hilly, but in either case very pretty and should provide great cycling.  Unfortunately, campgrounds, both state and private are very expensive, so moteling would probably be a better option.
I am preparing for a 3 week vacation with my wife next week.  She doesn't ride, but it will be an adventure and an exciting exploration as always.

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