Monday, September 5, 2011

Summer's End

Summer's end
so sad

Getting ready for vacation
so glad

Getting ready for Fall and Winter
Streamer Fairing mount
 Looks like today will be my last ride for summer.  Managed just a 25 miler before the rain sets in.  The next 3 days look bad as far as rain goes.  Friday looks good but I have to finalize all packing for our upcoming 3 week trip starting Saturday.  I closed the pool yesterday which is always sad.  The RV is gased up and ready to go for our 3 week adventure and exploration of the Natchez Trace Parkway.  This is the time we usually take our vacation as September is our wedding anniversary and a great time to travel.  This year we are fortunate to get 3 weeks off which allows us to explore farther areas.  My wife doesn't cycle much, but I do bring 2 Dahon folders to ride around the campsites.  I have added my Streamer fairing mount to my trike so I will be ready for the Fall and Winter when we return.  I find the Fall one of the best seasons to ride.  I look forward to our upcoming trip and break from life's challenges and my return to a new season of cycling.

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